Thursday, May 20, 2010

Grateful for my teacher, April (again)

At different times in our life we are blessed by the contact of a special teacher. This is one of those times for me. I've yearned and whined for years about wanting to dye wool. Yet, the time never seemed right. I had the most available time over summer breaks from being a 5th grade teacher, but with the heat outdoors, and air conditioning bills it was easy to just continue doing kool aid. It was fun and satisfying, but like many things the taste made me hunger for more.

Never during those days of wishing could I have guessed in my wildest imagining that I'd do graduated strips when the actual dyeing began. Yet April has the steps so organized, and has been so supportive about my results, that it now seems the most natural of things to have learned.

Another thing I've admired, but not tried were the lovely wool flowers many hookers wear on their aprons. The apron's purpose is to keep down the amount of wool dust/lint off your clothes. We are making special "sunflower" pins to give to participants at the first annual Kirby Circle Hook In, which will be on June 26. The deadline for sending in a reservation is now June 15. It is sure to be lots of fun, and of course there will be wonderful vendors.

Here is a picture of the first 4 flowers I made last weekend. I'll make more to sell at Green Market, as this would be a wonderful item for my booth there. I changed it up to use some upcycled felted sweater material in the one with an arrow and smiley face. Guess who taught me how to make the sunflowers? April, of course!


primitivebettys said...

Lovely wools & flowers! :) Keep up the fabulous work! :)

Loopie Lucy said...

Jo, I love the flowers! Are they proddy? I'd love to make one.

Love the red swatches too!!