Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Grateful for another successful dyeing formula ~ Yellow Rose

Today after coming home from my doctor's appt, I took another adventure in dyeing. This is a look at the graduated strips still in their numbered jars. I'm thinking it is a nice prim yellow through really nice gold. What do you think? Not all of the dye has taken up yet, so it will look a tiny bit different. The big pickle jar gets half a jar of hot/warm tap water, whatever is left of the cup of  formula, after I measure out the amounts for the jars, and some wool and yarn. This time a quarter yard of off white wool, and 4 - 10 yard hanks of white wool. All of these colors are because April Deconick has so generously shared her expertise. :)

My next adventure in dyeing my own personal palette will be a red. Look for that in June. I'm headed off to Texas Star Rug Camp in just a couple of weeks to take a class with Maria Barton, Star Rugs, and a couple of AAPG pals ~ Ginger and Patijane ~ who will be driving down from Oklahoma.

Bluebonnets, Yellow Rose, hmmm not sure Redneck Red is quite the right name for it...maybe another floral. If you have a suggestion for a good name that would fit in my TX palette. Suggest it in a comment, and you might win a fat quarter of those 8 tones. Sort of a pig in a poke, since I haven't even dyed that first batch...but then again, its always fun to be the winner!


Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Jo your on a roll with this dyeing good for you! Since my Dad was from Texas I always think of the Red River, chili peppers, and red dirt. I'm sure whatever red you come up with will be a beauty.
Looking forward to meeting you at Tyler...ooooh I can hardly wait!

April DeConick said...

Looks great Jo!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Hey Ginger beat me to it. I was thinking Red River too. She came up with some good ones!!

Your dyeing looks awesome. So glad you are having fun with it. Can't wait to see the next one. Have fun at camp!!

Maureen said...

I suppose Indian Red is not politically correct these days but when I think of Texas I still think cowboys and Indians!

primitivebettys said...

Your yellows are very nice. I'm impressed with how technical you get. The few times I've tried to dye are just like making soup from leftovers... throw in a little of this & that... and see what happens. :)

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Thanks ladies, so far I'm loving Red River for a great TX name for that color! Makes me think of that great football rivalry Red River Shootout!

Chili pepper is a good one too!

Keep 'em coming! Mo, I had to laugh, cause playing cowboys and Indians was one of my favorites!

Joanne said...

Love those yellow/golds - so prim and soft - can't wait to see the "red river" reds ! You are certainly jumping in with both feet!