Sunday, March 21, 2010

Grateful to be a Student of April Deconick

Yesterday, April shared her VIP hooking technique with us at the Kirby Hooking Circle. She shared information about her technique for creating her color palette. Her color theory of working with wool is different from McGown. But after a few minutes of explanation, it has me thinking about the wools I'll be using together in a different way.
shows April's Santa who was the basic design we worked with. My wool stash has lots more shades of brown and gray, and that just didn't seem like a good choice for Santa to me. Which started me thinking. Having seen April's white tiger rug grow over the last couple of months was probably a factor in thinking about wizards AND owls combined into a piece that will be an adaptation of April's design. I've already started to redesign the wizard owl idea into a completely different design on my own, but this first rug is coming along nicely to me.

Currently, I'm in the "turning the pages as quickly as I can" portion of this rug. I can't wait to see how it will turn out. I pulled the wools I generally plan to use and know that the background will be greens, but the rest is still wreathed with mystery... well, that's a bit overly dramatic. But it is still my own adventure finding my way to the end of it. I'm planning on making this one into a pillow, for sale eventually at Discovery Green or in my Etsy shop.


moosecraft said...

Lookin' good so far, Jo! Very impressionistic on the face...lmost like a watercolor painting! Howzabowt a deep maroon for the cloak?

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