Sunday, March 14, 2010

Grateful for a new feature at EQuilter!

EQuilter is one of my two favorite online fabric sources. The fabrics I gotten from them are LQS local quilt store ~ are just that in quality. But they have a wonderful new search feature that really got me excited.

choose a category you like, choose a fabric with a color you like click on the fabric. Now you can view the details of the fabric. NEW FEATURE look to the right of the fabric and at the bottom you'll see a look for this color area. Put the cursor over the color you want to search for. The color will fill in an area with a green button below that says search for this color... Wowzers! That click will take you to a list of fabrics with that color in them. Imagine the ease with which you could find coordinating fabrics from a focus fabric.

While you are there open an account, sign up for the newsletter. They'll send you an email about once a week. Another thing I love about them, is that they donate a % of your purchase, to the cause you select from a list they provide. I usually select the Ocean Conservancy. Some other time might tell you why. But this post is to celebrate this new wonder!


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Cotton Eyed Jo said...

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