Saturday, October 17, 2009

Houston Quilt Festival Fun, but I'm getting Old!

Had a wonderful with friends today, shopping at the Houston Quilt Festival! Took a list, and found all my list items in some form or other. Jim Shore signed a couple of his statues that I'd gotten as gifts, and was a wonderful kind hearted guy!

Barbara and I hit most of the aisles, and enjoyed looking at so many wonderful booths. We had fun chatting about Olivia(our granddaughter). It is such a blessing when your child marries someone who also makes a good parent. Our families have blended nicely during the past few years.

My feet, hip, and back aches cut short our trip to the show. Helped me to see how very much I need to get walking now that the weather is more conducive to it. Fun with the bee at lunch, and as we bumped into each other. The fun of buying small gifts for friends... a great day. It was the same Saturday as one of my hook ins. But after years of rug hooking on my own, and the delight of finding 2 hooking circles, the quilt show is the older of my obsessions. (Did see several friends and even a couple of other hookers from Kirby Circle!)

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