Monday, October 5, 2009

Our comfort dolls are on their way!

An American Primitive Gathering is a friendship group, and I am honored to be a member. A few of us made dolls to send as a group to the Comfort Dolls Project. I'm going to just put in one picture, of the dolls gathered in a basket before I put them into the package that is going to the post office tomorrow. Others in the group may send donations at a later time.

The styles are varied, and hopefully each and every one will find its way into the hands of someone who will enjoy it and be encouraged to put their face toward the light and let the shadows fall behind them.

Special thanks to:

Our dolls took the short trip to the post office, the beginning of their journey! I said a prayer for them to get to just the right person before handing them to the Postal Worker. Time to let go and let God!


LindaGJ said...

Darling Comfort dolls Jo!
I wanted to give you an award that was given to me at my blog. The post is named "Thank you Sophia" I hope you will accept this award, but I will understand if you are too busy!
Linda :)

Pat Winter said...

They are posted! Thank you ladies!