Sunday, August 24, 2014

I'm still about, and working my Bucket List!

This summer and the last year in fact have flown by! We now have Two grandchildren. Just yesterday, our granddaughter passed her test for a yellow belt in Tai Kwando, and our grandson is nearly four months old.

I've been working hard at clearing out my sewing room, and instead of being finished it is a lot like a cross between eminent avalanche, and a discovery of lost treasures, or head scratchers! Not everything is a treasure, but it has made me happy to find things not really forgotten or lost in the traditional sense of the word. Simply beyond my reach....

After my second hip replacement, and the first two years of recovery, I am still older, but able to move better than I have in several years. Thus, the removing of fabric, notions, quilt patterns, magazines, squirreled away over the last 30 years, has begun. :)

But grandpa and I are busy, so the progress hasn't been rapid.  A year or so ago, I made a bucket list of quilting, etc(smocking, rug hooking, cross stitching, and so much more) It isn't because of news of my approaching last days. But in my later 60s, I do have the big picture more or less.

I'm putting a link to my Ebay store, Cottoneyedjo right  here  In addition to fabrics, old quilting magazines, individual patterns, and eventually wools, there are all kinds of other "treasures" my husband and I have purchased over the years.

It would be great to share some of the things I have to part with, with other quilters or hookers. My prices may be too high, but the things that are expensive, are also not available easily in other stores. Do search Ebay for the items that are similar, but perhaps you could use me for a jumping off point. :)


PrisNasonShartle said...

I love bucket lists! You are such an inspiration. Love your blogs. Love you and your family!

Farm Girl said...

I love the update! You have a new grandson? How nice!! I will check out your new store.
I am so glad you are doing so well.
I think of you all of the time. I like seeing you on Pinterest.