Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The last day of School (and the first day of Summer Vacation!)

If you are one of my Facebook Friends, you may have already read about the moment of joy I saw today. It was only a few minutes after school let out for the summer at the middle school near our home. The first thing I saw was four  middle school boys leaping like gazelles along the green belt. If not for having reveled in nearly the same way (without their athletic ability) it might have made me wonder what was happening.  But, as a teacher, I saw that joyous moment acted out before my eyes many many times, and felt that joy myself, once all the paperwork was completely finished, bulletin boards cleaned off, books and supplies packed away....

My best memory of the beginning of summer vacation happened on my last day at my first TX school. I was leaving for another building that was opening in the fall, so that meant everything that was mine must go in the trash or the back of my car. Just as the door clicked behind me for the last time, I heard in the near distance, the delightful tune of an ice cream truck. If you saw it in a movie, you might think it was an unbelievable coincidence. But such miracles surround us, if we just allow them in.

I've got lots to write about in the next few days. Finished the last of my 12 colors(Red Orange) and absolutely love the way it turned out. I'll be calling that family of shades Crawfish Boil.  Which allowed me to finish my color wheel project, except for the binding and whipping. Which really must be done to take a picture for the pattern envelope.

Our challenge rug for the June Hookin, is nearly finished and I'll be showing a pic of it real soon too. Can't find the wool for finishing it...hate to use black, but that may be exactly what it turns out to be.

Hope your summer is as enjoyable as can be hoped for!


Kathy (woolfind) said...

Exciting times for the kids. And how their Summer goes much slower than ours these days lol. It's going by faster and faster as we age. I hope they enjoy every minute of it and never say they are bored!!
Sounds like you have been really busy. Looking forward to seeing more of your dyeing!

Farm Girl said...

I can't wait to see your Crawfish Boil. I love the name. I love the story of the kids jumping for joy because school is out. I don't think we will ever forget that feeling. Just like I love when it starts and the smell of new crayons and new pencils and new notebooks waiting to have things written in them.
Hugs from me to you Jo,

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

LOL, I used to call my urge to get school supplies for the next year, clean paper fever! It usually set in just after 4th of July when Target and Walmart had their Back to School Specials.

Shouting out to all the teachers about to go on their unpaid summer vacation. Hope you have the great time you earned all year!

Julia said...

Jo I'm looking forward to seeing your Crawfish boil and your ruf all finished. Have a happy summer. JB

PrisNasonShartle said...

I love the picture you painted in your story of the last day of school, Jo. I remember those days as a child and am reminded of them from time to time. It happened three days ago when I realized that the next day was Saturday, a day filled with memories of freedom and the smell of cut grass and hamburgers grilling. Miss you, my friend.