Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Finish, and a WIP (another rug for Livvie when she's grown)

The quilt above is for a friend, made from tshirts. The shirts were a man's so finding flannel that went with them was a bit of a challenge. This backing really did well, blending with the quilting.

I found this rug backing at our quilt guild garage sale a little more than a year ago for $25. (Figured the linen was worth than that, and called to its owner to sell it to me sight unseen.) What a delight, when I opened up the linen to discover a pattern called Victoria's Rug by J. Soehnge! The dimensions of the rug are 28" x 52" and it is clearly meant to be a rug for the floor. Christy Mason did the hand dyed wools for this rug, are they gorgeous?!  Livvie is almost 3 and this rug is clearly not for a child's room, so it is fun to work on without a deadline. I got the wool already cut into strips, so on evenings when I'm tired, it is a perfect rug to work on! This is the only rug I've ever actually color planned and stuck to the plan. My dear friend, Lurie McAdow, helped me choose the colors for it. We made some good choices!


Farm Girl said...

It is so gorgeous. It is going to be a beautiful rug. I was going to write more by the silly cat is demanding to be put to bed so I can't think with him yelling at me. :)
I hope it has warmed up a bit for you.

primitivebettys said...

|Yes! Very good choices! That rug is gonna be a beauty! :) The quilt is cool too... but I'm sure very warm. :)

Julia said...

Jo, I really like what you did with the t-shirts. What a great idea. The rug pattern is gorgeous. I'm sure that you will have it done in no time as It's so pretty. Your granddaughter will love it. JB

Maureen said...

Hi Jo, would you like to adopt another granddaughter? I'm available! Livvie is so lucky to have a creative and loving Gran. The t-shirt quilt is wonderful too. Is it tricky sewing that stretchy t-shirt fabric and getting to look as pretty as yours does?

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Thanks, Maureen! T-shirt quilts are pretty easy to do. First thing is ironing on interfacing, to the back of the stretchy fabric.

Truth is, I'm lucky to have Livvie so I can dedicate projects to her. This rug is lovely, but totally not the style for our home or our daughter's. The frog rug should fit in for now, and I hope Livvie will have a place for the roses rug later on in her life. It is way too elegant for our place! ;)