Thursday, December 23, 2010

Santa, I've been pretty good finishing things this last two weeks...   I finished a commissioned quilt for a friend's granddaughter. It is for her first Christmas, and has her complete name and birthdate. Since I don't want to help anybody whose hobby is identity theft, I deleted the portion of the picture that might help them.

The quilt looks even better than it does in the picture. The back is the same purple fabric that you see in the binding, and has a couple of pieces of her clothing cut into a heart (pink onesie) and an oval(embroidered portion of a bib) layered as an applique. Sorry, didn't think to take a pic of that, and the quilt had to be delivered to leave grandma sometime to wrap it. She'd purchased a Glowworm that actually had matching colors to the quilt. I had fun figuring out how to combine so many bright and diverse colors.

Livvie's Christmas dress turned out great. She is somewhat engulfed by it, but as it is a twirly dress for our twirly girl, that is fine. The poinsettia fabrics caught my eye when I was in buying fabric for the quilt. I behaved myself that day, but went back later for the fabrics I needed to make the dress. It is my goal to have made a willing sacrifice of sugar and spending this last week on the Solstice. Excess is out in my goal. Balance is in. :)

I doubt there will be any more posts for the next couple of days. So Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Good Yule, to any readers who wander by. Hope that you get to spend some wonderful time with family and friends. Our family was enlarged by one beautiful baby born on the Solstice. Her parents are in Alaska, and I won't post pictures of her either, but I'll think of her as a light bringer. Each day will grow longer until the summer Solstice.

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Farm Girl said...

Have a wonderful Merry Christmas and I was relieved to that yesterday was winter solstice and and the days will becoming longer.

Enjoy your family and I will read you in 2011 Blessings Jo