Tuesday, December 23, 2008

One Year Ends and Another Begins!

Although it is just a little over a week until the end of this year, my CPLG(Country Primitive Ladies Group) is planning a launch of handmade Valentine Treasures beginning in Early January. It may actually be more like the 2nd or 3rd than the 1st ;). But one of the more productive members could have something up by New Year's Eve as far as that goes!

I'm planning to do a couple of Makedo s with old doorknobs or bedsprings, and some embellished hearts in wool, so if that sort of thing appeals to you please check our listings. I plan to switch my ebay id from SwimminginFabric, to CottonEyedJo if that is available, so that my name will be the same at Ebay and Etsy. I've loved my old username, it so tells the truth about my sewing room, but I plan to keep using my templates, so you may still be able to find me under either name... Hope you'll drop by, and check out our Tokens of Love!

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