Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Politics or Just a Loser of an Idea?

I'm seriously considering why I have yet to sell a pattern or Cowboy Campfire Coffee Break Play set.

My pattern isn't complex, and when I've given away finished ones, they seem to get a good reaction. Since I'm fairly active on Twitter, and this is a tough year of conflict, between happy and unhappy citizens guess that could be part of it. Check out my Twitter feed if you are curious, but even if your thought are different than mine, please put up your opinions politely about whether you think the idea is just a loser and if the answer is yes, why. Politics shouldn't enter into that answer. You are of course allowed to comment whatever you wish...

I've offered free patterns, and after a couple of months, no requests for a free pattern. Wow.

I had been away from my blog for quite awhile. Serious health issues (Shingles won't kill you, but you won't be sewing much either... and another issue in our family that isn't my own to share.) With nothing ever leaving the internet I only requested prayers, and if you raised even one prayer of healing, you get my personal thanks for our good outcome. It was always in the hands of God, and his will and plan may just not have been centered on this illness.

I am perplexed as to what to do. Etsy and Ebay listings have not generated any questions, of a sale of either a play set or a pattern.

My Etsy shop link is on this page. I don't want a pity purchase, just some honest opinions. I can always donate finished sets and make them as gifts, If you see something you kind of like, Convo me at Etsy. If you don't want to purchase it with how it is currently made, but would like some change. That may or may not get you what you want. But again would help me understand the general lack of interest.

To be honest, I'm a native Nebraskan, living in Texas. Proud of our family, and delighted to brag about our grand kids being Native Texans. Nebraskans are a hardy bunch, not as likely to shoot a gun (in my opinion) but nothing to be apologized for. I followed my husband's work, found work myself as a teacher and looked forward to the time when I could sew. as. much. as. I. wanted. to. sew. Laying up a Texas sized stash to be ready for that. That didn't turn out to be the best of ideas, as when the century changed, there were massive changes in fabric colors and patterns. Bought more fabric, and donated lots but not nearly all I'd saved - yet.

I will persist on making these Play sets and don't intend to hire even 1 person to help me. So if you have a constructive suggestion, or would just like to take a shot at me for some other reason. Please leave a comment. That sounded a bit nasty on rereading, but I really thought there would be interest from others. My husband would love helping me clean out the "sewing room" and I have been feeling like this probably isn't as great to others as it is to me. Yet she persisted... if I had a tombstone, would please me just fine.