Monday, December 19, 2016

Putting 2016 to Bed! Cowboy Campfire Coffee Break Challenge

Wow, I hadn't realized how long it had been since I posted. Won't bore you with the details, but family health issues were just around the corner, at the time of the last post in February. The Lord was good, friends prayed, and there was a best possible outcome. If you raised a prayer, thank you very much. If you wished I'd post again. Thank you very much.

I have been up to my ears in hope, and seeking to escape reality! :) If you are delighted about the change of power in January let's just leave that at I'm not. But life goes on...

One of my personal favorite escape hatches has been fantasizing (based on no sales at all) about success with my Cowboy Campfire Coffee Break pattern created and offered most of 2016. At this point I've given away about 10 patterns, of the 100 I printed(fantasizing - my old friend) So, even though I've had finished ones AND patterns up for sale, without a single sale of either, the best I could comfort myself with was they were undiscovered. So.... here is an opportunity for you. Plus WHO DOESN'T LOVE COWBOYS?

I will give away 10 patterns to the first 10 people to request to join the Challenge, and ship it to you for free. :)

There are some things that are required in return, although how I will enforce these requirements requires an over active conscience on your part. so... try to restrain yourself, if you don't sew or have more good intentions than finished projects. :)
  1. You have until  not quite July 4th to finish your contest entry. As soon as 2 people or hopefully more request a pattern I'll mail them out. After 10 people request a pattern, you can still buy a pattern over at my Etsy shop Cotton Eyed Jo. If you buy a pattern, you can participate in the Challenge, but until all 10 are requested, why not just sign up? and get one for free... Free or paid you will have what you finish!
  2. There will be prizes for all entries that I have an address for, so a request with out an address can't receive a pattern. A conversation through Etsy shop will be the best way to submit the address privately.
  3. For the first part of the Challenge, I urge you to upcycle some old jeans, a favorite shirt, skirt, or whatever. If you have to use all new items you can, but most all of us have something to donate or discard from the closet..... just look.
  4. I've sewn for a lot of my life, so while the pictures, patterns, and directions seem clear to me, they may be insufficient for others. If you have a question, I encourage you to contact me via my Etsy shop conversations.
  5. By June 30th I need to get a digital picture of the Cowboy Coffee Break Set ©Cotton Eyed Jo 2016
  6. Submission of a photograph grants me the right to post it on my blog. (I'll Probably do this 👀 close to when I receive them. To whip up competition)👀
  Around July 4th I'll post the winner, and tell who wins the grand prize, which will include some materials to make more of the sets, and my written permission to list finished sets online in any amount, provided that you credit me as the designer. If you do mass production of the Cowboy Coffee Break Set ©Cotton Eyed Jo 2016 We can discuss how profits will be divided. ;)

So free pattern  for first ten to request it, just for the asking, plenty of time to complete your entry/entries, and a decent chance to win probably a medium flat rate box with plenty of materials to create whatever you want, but helpful in creating additional Cowboy Coffee Break Set ©Cotton Eyed Jo 2016.  Check out my Etsy Shop for inspiration, upcycling of old jeans, etc encouraged, and lets make 2017 the year of the Cowboy! All submissions will be honored, are not secret, and may also receive a recognition prize for participation. Since this may be fewer than 10 or more than 2000 LOL! I'm deliberately being vague here.